Part 153 – Elsie Has Issues

Elsie sat on the flat roof of the Williards’ family mausoleum, waiting patiently.

The vampires will come. They always do. I wonder why they always come here. Are they looking for buried treasure? Maybe the Williards were high in the vampire family circles.

No. That’s too ridiculous. Vampires don’t have families. They live alone. They’re too selfish to build family bonds.

Her mind flicked to Ambrose. Or any bonds at all.

She opened the back of the Bossman 550 and made sure that the machine gun belt inside was well-lined with bullet shaped stakes. It wasn’t her weapon of choice. She preferred a good melee rush to a sniper’s subtleties. But she had promised Hildreth that she would take it with.

And use it.

She closed the back and thought about Hildreth. Why is he so insecure about Ambrose? I’ve closed that door. He’s all blocked up in my past. Why can’t Hildreth see that?

Have I been giving off the wrong signals?

Or is it because I’m not effusing everywhere about “Oh, I loooooove yooooou soooo muuuuuch.” Gag. That is not me. I’m not like that. I have never been like that.

But maybe he doesn’t know that.

What does he see when he looks at me? Can’t he see that I love him? Or—

“Annd here we are. The Williards’ family mausoleum.”

She set the Bossman 550 on her shoulder and waited for the right moment to come.


She startled up to her feet.

A vampire dressed in a tacky green velvet suit strolled over to her. “No one told me that the party would be on top of the mausoleum.” He held out his hand. “Care to dance?”

Ambrose’s voice echoed in her mind. She aimed the Bossman 550 at him and pressed the trigger button. She didn’t tap it gently like Hildreth showed her. She mashed it down.

Wooden bullets streamed out of the weapon.

The vampire could have just turned his back to her and let the bullets bounce off his back, but no. He decided to get all fancy. He flamenco danced around her.

She kept pressing the trigger until it jammed up.

He clapped his hands in a joyful rhythm. “Now, we really begin. Come, come, come little hunter girl. Show me what you’ve got.”

She set Hildreth’s weapon on the roof and pulled out her stakes. “Don’t worry. I’ll show you plenty.”

She charged at him.




Find the right rhythm.





“Has anyone ever told you that you smell wonderful?” He grabbed her wrists and twirled her. “Why you smell sooo good,” He pulled her into an embrace and breathed all over her neck. “I could just eat you up.”

She stabbed him in the eye.

“Argh! I was trying to have a moment with you and you ruined it!” He sank his fangs into her neck.

She let out a shrill scream. I don’t want to be changed! I don’t want to be changed! She grabbed chunks of his hair and jerked his head away from her neck.


She grabbed him by the front of his fussy suit and threw him off the roof. She jumped down after him and staked him. “Stupid vampire.” She staked him again and again even after he’d breathed his last. “Stupid stupid stupid stupid.”

The other vampires took one look at her berserking and quietly slipped away.

She didn’t stop staking him until he was long since gone.


2 thoughts on “Part 153 – Elsie Has Issues”

  1. Pardon my language but Elsie is so badass. You have created a heroine in this story who can on occasion be soft and tender, and others be hard and brutal. Love this hunter 🙂 awesome action chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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