Part 147 – Say How Do You Do And…Don’t Shake Hands?

The werewolf leapt at him. He landed hard, knocking Ambrose onto his back. Die! Die! Die!  He opened his mouth wide.

Ambrose stuffed the teapot spout-first into the creature’s mouth.

Tea poured into the back of his throat, making him cough and sputter. He spit the teapot out of his mouth, only to have Ambrose whack him unconscious with the serving tray.

“Stupid animal.” He shoved the limp werewolf off of his body and stood. If I leave him alone, he’ll wake up and threaten Barbara again. Or, most likely, come after me.

It can’t be helped.

He pressed the edge of the tray against the werewolf’s throat.


Relentlessly, mercilessly hard and steady.

If only this were sharper…

If only this were a sword…

The werewolf’s eyes opened. Barbara. Barbara! Help! Help! Help!

The closet door opened. “Kevin?” Barbara gasped. “Ambrose! What are you doing?”

“Protecting you.”

“Well, stop.”


“I don’t want you to kill him.”

He frowned. “You’re confusing me. You called me all in a panic. You scared me into running all the way over here. I find you trapped in a closet with that mongrel trying to tear that door down. And…I’m not supposed to kill him? Seriously, Barbara. What the heck?”

She walked over to him. “I’m sorry for the confusion. If I had know that it was just him, I wouldn’t have panicked.”

“Barbara. This thing is a werewolf.”

And you’re vampire. Big win there.

Ambrose snarled at him. “Shut up!”

“I know he’s a werewolf.” She smiled. “He’s been that way for some time now. Hm! I guess this is the right moment for introductions.” She smiled brightly at the werewolf. “Kevin, this is Ambrose. Ambrose, Kevin.”

“Kevin? As in the Kevin you dumped? That Kevin?”


“Well. Don’t ask me to shake his hand.”

Don’t ask give paw.

“Because that is not going to happen.”

Same here.


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