Part 145 – What To Do When You Aren’t So Sleepy

“Oi! Oi! Oi! Come on down to Begorrah’s Irish Pub. We—”

“Now, I can sleep all night and my head doesn’t hurt anym—”

“Only $19.99! But if you pick up the phone and call right now—”

“What’s wrong, Susie?” “Oh, it’s my cramping. I never—”

“Iiiiiiitt’s supercalifragile—”

“Don’t you be callin’ me no slut, you slut!” “oooooo!” “Now. Why don’t you sit down and tell us what you really think?” “What I really think? Huh? I think that lil’ Maisie Sue here is a slut! I saws how you was lookin at—“I weren’t lookin’ at nothin’, you slut!” “STOP CALLING ME A SLUT OR I’LL—”

“Nope. There will be no sugar high for you today.” “But, daaaadddyyy! All of the other kids in school eat popsicles. Why caaaaan’t—”

Ambrose sighed and shut the tv off. Why isn’t there ever anything good on when I need it?

He put the remote on the desk and paced.

It’s too early to go to bed, but it’s too late to go anywhere or do anything. All of the stores are closed. Even the theater’s closed. I could call Barbara, but she’s probably sound asleep. I’m not hungry. So, I can’t even go hunting.

He stopped in mid-pace.

What if I went back to Havaton? Maybe she isn’t dead. Maybe she came back. Maybe…

Ambrose walked over to the bed and flopped onto it. He stared at the ceiling tiles.

But Havaton is so far away. It would be daylight by the time the train stopped. I could hide somewhere till nightfall. It would be so worth it, if she were there.


What about Barbara? If I see Elsie again and all of those sparks reignite, will I just dump Barbara and forget all about her? I suppose I could make her my girl-on-the-side, but that isn’t what I want. It’s either Elsie or Barbara.

His cell phone rang in muffled tones.

He pulled it out from under his pillow and answered it. “Hello?”


He sat up. “Barbara? What’s—”

“There’s something here.”

He stood. “What?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know where it disappeared to. Ambrose. Please come. I’m scared.”

“I’m coming. Stay on the phone. Keep talking to me. Let me hear your voice.”

“Please. Please hurry. I don’t want it to—” She screamed.

And the line went dead.



2 thoughts on “Part 145 – What To Do When You Aren’t So Sleepy”

  1. The opening of this part made me just as disoriented as ambrose, as the different channels blend together. Great writing always conveys a feeling, and you created an atmosphere of almost dizzying confusion until the phone call breaks the spell and his thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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