Part 112 – Talking About Favorites

“But enough serious talk. We are on a date.” Barbara stabbed a meatball and pointed it at Ambrose. “Ask me a fluff question.”

“A fluff question?”

“One where it doesn’t matter how you answer it. There’s no right or wrong answer.” She popped the meatball into her mouth.

“Does it have to be as inane as what’s your favorite color?”

“Yellow, but no.”

He smiled. A fluff question, huh? “What is…”

She swallowed her food. “But no underwear questions.”

He laughed. “Well. That killed my first choice.”

She giggled.

“What is your favorite book? Wait. Do you read books?”

“I love books. My favorite it Emma by Jane Austen. I can’t stand any of her other books, but Emma will always hold a place dear in my heart.” She fixed a flirtatious smile on him. “What about you? Do you have any books that you have memorized word-for-word, period-to-question mark?”

“I could be silly and say Dracula, but no. I place that book in the same rubbish bin as all of the Buffy spin-off books.”

“I’m surprised you’ve read those.”

“I tried.” He shook his head. “When they turned Xander into the sparkliest vampire the world had ever seen, no. It just—” He shuddered. “I still have bad memories of that whole chapter. I could recite it word for word. I won’t, but I could.”

“So, what do you like?”

“I don’t have one particular favorite.” He took a sip of water. “I like books where the boy meets the girl he is meant to be with. They overcome obstacles. They live happily ever after.”

“Ah. So, you like romances?”

“I think of them as fantasies. Real life isn’t that fair. In real life, the boy may meet the girl he is destined to be with or he may not. Even if he does, the obstacles will be to great for them to overcome.”

She set her fork on her plate and just listened.

He looked down into his glass. “He’ll try to blame her for leaving him behind, but deep down he knows. He was as much to blame. He can’t go back to how things were before. He can’t make things right again. It’s just too late.”

She reached across the table and touched his hand.

He looked up at her. “You are very kind and sympathetic. You’ve listened to my rambling without interrupting me with unwanted words or annoying questions. I appreciate that. But to return to our fluff: If you held a stake to my chest and demanded to know what book sets my mind aflame, I’d have to say The Notebook. I love that book so much.”

“How did you like the movie?”

He leaned forward in shock. “They made a movie of it?”

She giggled. “I happen to have the dvd.”

“I must see this!”

She giggled again. “If you want, we can go to my place after supper and watch it.”




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