Part 103 – Hunters and Prey

The werewolf led Hildreth into circles and backtracks until Hildreth had no idea if he were coming straight or going backwards.

Another werewolf took up the call in a thin, mangy voice. Then another and another.

Hildreth stopped running as he understood. He was being led into a trap.

His werewolf glanced back at him and kept running.

Hildreth looked around. Which way did I come from?

A large white werewolf with black ticking sauntered through the grass. Its blue eyes were fixed on Hildreth.

Human. The creature’s coarse voice sounded in Hildreth’s head. You are not welcome as anything but a feast.

“I’m trying to find someone. A woman. Roughly my age. Very pretty. Black hair. Gold eyes.”

You have no weapons. Can’t hurt us. Can’t kill. Can die. Can be bit. Can become part of our pack.

Hildreth chose to ignore the werewolf’s suggestion. “Have you seen her?”

The werewolf licked his lips. We can use new pack member.

“You aren’t going to help me, are you?”

The werewolf threw back his head and howled. Unlike the other werewolves, his voice was strong and powerful with a beauty that was neither animal nor human.

The others emerged from their hiding places, surrounding Hildreth.

“Can’t we negotiate?”

I don’t know that word. Sounds weak.

They slowly converged on him.

Sounds like prey word.  Are you prey?

Hildreth stood proud. “I don’t have any weapons, but I am no one’s prey.” He went into his fighting stance. “I am a hunter.”



6 thoughts on “Part 103 – Hunters and Prey”

  1. Nice tension! At the very end though, I think it would better if it read“I am a hunter.” Instead of “I’m a hunter.”

    My general rule of thumb in writing is this: Contractions kill drama.

    P.S. I’m in love with this serial story! When I found your blog I was like “500+ parts? Pssssh impossible.” But now I’m glad there is so much to read! Okay back to binge-reading 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I read that line both ways and I agree with you. It does sound better with “I am” instead of “I’m”. So, I fixed it.

      Aww, and thank you so much for reading my story here. I’m having a lot of fun writing it. Like, writing-a-modern-vampire-story-shouldn’t-be-this-fun kind of fun. 😀


  2. The werewolves communicating using telepathy was a great idea. It makes them darker and more mysterious.
    Great scene. Things are not looking good for Hildreth.

    Liked by 1 person

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