Part 93 – Pillows and Vampire Dummies

As the feathers drifted to the floor, Ambrose sat on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair.

I need to stop doing this.

He picked up a random feather – white down with black splotches – and twirled it between his fingers. “Pillows are expensive things and it’s a pain to replace them. I never can find the brand I like.”

He ignored the pain, but it was still there.

His mind turned and returned to Elsie.

He flung the feather to the floor. It drifted in a cushy, leisurely fashion, which irritated him. He grabbed it out of the air and crumpled it. What’s the use in thinking about her? Why should I waste my time wanting her? I can’t have her.

The pain increased.

“Not anymore. So, what am I supposed to do? How do I forget? How do I break out of this trap?”

How do I go on?

He looked down at the feathered mess. “I need to get a new pillow, even though it will be a pain and a bother. I need it.” He glanced at his alarm clock and smiled. “I still have time before dawn arrives.”


Hildreth spun in a tight circle and stabbed the vampire dummy in the chest.

Master Shinowa arched an eyebrow. “You missed heart. Aim higher.”

“Yes, Master.”


Hildreth returned to his start position.


He spun in a tight circle and stabbed the dummy.

“Still off mark. Again. Begin.”

“Yes, Master.”

Hildreth returned to his start position. His thoughts wandered as he spun and stabbed the dummy again and again and again.

He thought about Elsie.

“Still off mark. Again.”

He thought about Ambrose.

“Stabbing vampire in neck does no good. Again.”

He thought about Ambrose wrapping his arm around Elsie’s waist. How far did they go in their relationship?

“Too low. Again.”

It’s none of my business and I don’t think I want to know. Still…

He thought about Ambrose living in the same house as Elsie. He thought about Ambrose biting her wrist again and again and who knows how many agains. He thought about Elsie letting Ambrose bite her. He thought about Elsie protecting Ambrose.

He thought about Ambrose trying to change her.

“Oh ho! Look. You finally find vampire’s heart. Very good. Again.”

2 thoughts on “Part 93 – Pillows and Vampire Dummies”

  1. Sounds like Hildreth has a lot of pent-up anger about the Elsie and Ambrose relationship, and perhaps some jealousy. This doesn’t sound good for Ambrose.

    Liked by 1 person

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