Part 73 – Could Be A Trap?

Raven released him, backed up several spaces, and did a courtly bow. He held his hand to Marvin. “Shall we dance, sir?”

Marvin reached into his slacks pocket and pulled out an iron cigarette case. “Yep. Get your dancing shoes on, because I am ready to tango.”

“As am I.”


Ambrose entered the kitchen and approached the stainless steel meat freezer. The door wasn’t barricaded at all. No chains. No locks. Not even a kitchen chair leaning against it.

He backed away. “This is all too easy. It can’t be this easy. There has to be a catch. This has to be a trap.”  But what if it isn’t? What if Marvin is just that stupid? “Huh. Maybe his vampires really are that bad at being vampires. If that is the case, I can’t do nothing.” He reached for the doorknob, but stopped. Or maybe I can. I don’t owe them any favors or loyalty. I don’t even know their names. They’re nothing to me.

Ambrose took a step back. “I can just leave.”

“So, I will.”

Ambrose turned and strode through the kitchen door. I’ll go home. Be safe. Forget them. And why not? I’ve done my fair share. I don’t need to do anything more. Raven will take care of them as he has always done.

A quick image of Raven crying over Marcus flashed in his mind.

He walked over to the front window and watched the storm rage outside. What if they’re hurt? Nothing I can do about that. I am not carrying six full grown vampires to Elsie’s house. Although…I could toss them all into a wheelbarrow. That would work.

Lightning flashed.

But no. I am not leaving Elsie alone with six full grown vampires. No matter how bad they are.

He stood still and thought it over. Back and forth. Pros and cons. What ifs? and Maybes.

He smiled as he made up his mind.

Ambrose walked to the front door, opened it, and went outside.


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