Part 71 – Raven’s Tale of Woe

“Failed?” Ambrose’s mind raced with possible definitions and explanations of that one word.

“They relied on me to keep them safe. And this happened. This…This…”

“How did this happen?”

“That man came in here. I was downstairs. My vampires were here. In here. Alone and defenseless.”

“They must have been the world’s worst vampires to be considered defenseless.” He hadn’t meant to say it out loud. It just came out before he could stop it.

Raven half-laughed, half-cried. “They were, sir.” His mouth twitched. “The worst I had ever seen.”

Ambrose fidgeted. Seeing someone as proper and respectable as Raven cry made him uncomfortable. It was like seeing the Queen of England have a melt-down. Just one of those things a person should never have to witness. “Keep going.”

“I do not know…I am unsure what happened, sir. That would be the worst of it. I do not know if my other vampires are hurt or unconscious. I do not know if they went willingly, although I am certain they did not. I only know they are not here.”

He took a moment to calm himself down. “I was downstairs when I heard a great ruckus up here. I ran upstairs. Entered this room.” His eyes teared up. “Marcus was fighting that man as best as he could. The others were already gone. The other man was a better fighter. I knew that no matter how hard he tried, Marcus would not win. I rushed to his aid. But I was all too late. That man staked him.”

He took several minutes to pull himself together. “I lost control. I tried to kill him. I wanted to kill him. I’ve never felt such powerful bloodlust before, sir. Not even after I was changed. I wanted to do more than kill him. I wanted to destroy him completely. Tear him to pieces.”

“Well. I don’t see pieces of him everywhere. So?”

“That man was a very good fighter. Better than me. He knocked me unconscious and left.”

Ambrose frowned. “Wait. This doesn’t make any sense. Marvin came here on a motorcycle. What…? Did he stack your remaining vampires on the back of his bike?”

“I regret to say I do not know, sir.”

“Well, that’s wonderfully helpful.”

“I am sorry, sir.”

“You should be.” Ambrose sat up straight as wild ideas popped up in his head. Oh, but that would be both too easy and too hard. Easy for me, hard for Marvin. At least, it would be a complete pain and a bother. “Maybe he didn’t stack them. Maybe he took them one at a time.”

Raven straightened out of his slump. “Where to, sir?”

Ambrose stood. “Chimalou’s Mexican Restaurante.”

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