Part 69 – Ambrose Finds A Way

“I don’t want that to happen to them.” Ambrose glared at the sealed up house. “It won’t. I won’t let it happen.”

But how to get inside?

He glanced around the yard, hoping to find a ludicrously convenient demolition crane – complete with ball.

No such luck.

Only thing out there was himself.

And Marvin’s motorcycle.

An idea sparked to life in his head.  He walked over to the motorcycle and examined it.

Seems to be fairly sturdy.

He picked it up.  And it’s fairly heavy. If I throw it hard enough, it should knock that door down. No problem.

The keys dangled from the ignition right into his line of sight.

He set the motorcycle down and smiled.

I have a much better idea.


Ambrose went through a lot of trial and error and far too many topple-overs. He wanted to scream with frustration.

Why does this have to take so long? Why can’t I just be able to hop on it and ride it like a pro?

He chose to ignore the fact that he had never ridden a motorcycle before. After all, that was a small detail and a very insignificant fact.

Finally, he had the beast all steady.

The thunder grew louder as the storm approached.

He pointed the bike towards the front door and stepped hard on the accelerator.

The rush was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He threw his head back and howled.

He forgot to take the steps into consideration.

The bike crashed into the bottom step and sent him flying straight at the door.

There was no time to prepare for the impact.

It came all too fast.

And lightning flashed bright.


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