Part 55 – Raven Explains A Little

The knitter stopped and looked up. “Hey, Raven.” He ducked his head back down and returned to his knitting. Only to stop again. “Who’s the new one?”

“He isn’t going to stay. He’s here only for a small visit and then he will leave.”

“Oh.” The knitter returned to his business.

Ambrose scowled at him. “How would you know that?”

“Am I mistaken, sir?”

“What is this place?”

“This place is a safe haven for vampires who are…” He laughed softly. “Well. I’m afraid there isn’t a nice way to put this. This is a safe haven for vampires who are very bad at being vampires. They couldn’t possibly make a kill every night. They lack the necessary heartlessness.”

Ambrose scanned the assorted group again. “None of them seem to be in dire straits.”

“Oh, that would be because I keep them supplied with fresh blood.”


“I’m very resourceful, sir.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Indeed, it does not.”

Ambrose scoffed. “And you don’t intend to answer it, do you?”

“Indeed,” He smiled. “I do not.”

The guys crowding the TV let out a raucous cheer. “Sparkle Boy to the rescue! Hoo-WOOO!” “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You death glare those creeps, you skinny little weirdo.” “hahahahahahahaha! Ahh, I’m gonna vomit blood from laughing so hard. HAA-hahahahhahahaha!”

The knitter scowled at them and muttered something about their noise messing up his rows. The two poetry readers walked over to the bookcase to find a new book. The gamer just kept mashing buttons with a furrowed concentration.

Pride shined bright in Raven’s red eyes. “I keep them safe and well.”


Raven gave Ambrose a long, thoughtful look.

“It isn’t normal for vampires to be together like this. It’s against our territorial nature, our innate selfishness. Why would you want to do this to them or to you?”

Raven considered Ambrose’s question as the three around the TV let loose another noisy critique.”Come with me and I will tell you, sir.”



2 thoughts on “Part 55 – Raven Explains A Little”

    1. Thank you!

      Between these early chapters and the chapters I’m currently working on, I’ve had a lot of fun developing Raven’s character. And guilty admission: I based his character on a strange blend of Jeeves and Sebastian from the anime Black Butler. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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