Part 46 – Just Make Up Your Mind Already!

It was a strange contradiction. The stairs were solid enough to support his weight, but they felt like they were made out of nothing. Ambrose struggled to find something to compare it to, until a bad case of vertigo kicked in.

He grabbed the railings and held tight.

I’m an idiot.

Trusting a fey…Idiot! But what can I do? Turn around?

Okay. Fine. So, what if I do turn around? Then, what? Where do I go?

He took too large a step and almost fell. I’d go back to her. He tightened his grip on the railings. I’d force her to tell me where he is. And she would tell me, whether she liked it or not.

Or I could just keep going forward. That’s what I’m doing, anyway. And why not? Let’s see where this staircase, such as it is, will take me.

Maybe it will lead me to Mark Caten. It isn’t likely, but what if? It might.

He turned the second spiral.

But what if it’s a trap? I don’t want to go back to that prison.

What if it isn’t a trap?

What if he banishes me from this place?

What if he forbids me from ever coming near him again? I’d have to hire another vampire to kill him for me.

He snarled. “Well, that would rot! I don’t want some cheap-hearted dollar-rental vampire to bite him. I want to do it. I want kill him. If anyone else does it for me, my victory will be empty and devoid of any meaning.”

He turned the third spiral.

I’ll have to move fast. Catch him off guard. He won’t get a chance to speak. I won’t let him. He won’t be able to stop me. Ambrose smirked. He won’t even be able to beg for mercy. Even if he did, it would be a waste of his precious breath. After what he did to me, after everything that he took from me, I will never show him any mercy.

Ambrose reached the top landing.

A doorway lined thick with strings of hanging crystals stood before him.

Would Mark Caten hide in such a place as this? He twirled one of the crystal strings around his fingers. It sparkled greens and indigos and reds and yellows with every movement.

No. This doesn’t mesh well his Armani suits and heritage wine collections. It’s too gaudy, too cheap, too college girl living on a small budget.

So, then. He must be here.

Ambrose plunged through the hanging crystals and entered a darkened room.


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