Part 42 – Ambrose Makes A House Call

Ambrose stretched a long, deliberate, luxuriant stretch. “Mmm.” He opened his eyes and smiled as he remembered the end of his dream. Elsie and Maria’s battle had ended in a tie. So, he was allowed to keep them both as his lovers. His smile grew. “Maria would never agree to such an arrangement. Elsie, on the other hand…”

He remembered smacking her head on the floor and lunging at her neck. His smile fell.

He looked up at the golden suns carved into the red ceiling. “It must be night by now.”

His stomach growled.

His smile returned. “So. It’s time to pay Mark Caten a friendly visit.”


It was a long walk to Mark Caten’s house, which was located on the far end of town at the top of an inexplicable cliff. The rest of the town was fairly level and then Poof! There it was. A rock-studded cliff towering over it all.

It was a commonly held belief that Mark Caten had hired an earth giant to create that cliff. Commonly held by everyone except Ambrose.

Ambrose knew how hard it was to find an earth giant, much less convince it to work. They were notoriously lazy and almost impossible to motivate. They weren’t interested in gold or money and they countered every threat to life and property with “We’re all dirt.” effectively negating such threats.

But no matter how that cliff came to be, it was there and Ambrose stood at the bottom of it. He stood still and contemplated his options: scale the cliff or walk up its long, curving road.

He checked out the road. Much to his dismay, it was a strictly one lane road with no space for maneuvering. “So, if Mark Caten decides to go for a late night drive, I’d be smashed and rolled over. It wouldn’t kill me, but it would be a miserable recovery.”

He sighed and scaled the cliff. “It’s too bad vampires can’t fly. That would make things so much simpler.”

3 thoughts on “Part 42 – Ambrose Makes A House Call”

  1. Oooohh. I like the information about the earth giants. Particularly “Ambrose knew how hard it was to find an earth giant, much less convince it to work. They were notoriously lazy and almost impossible to motivate. ” Even that whole paragraph was intriguing. Good adddition.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      I don’t know if the earth giants will ever make an appearance in the story. Probably not at this point, but I liked the idea of mentioning them to show that there are bigger things than vampires in this story’s world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, as you have them here, they’re more like a part of the setting, the world in which you’ve created. There are enough creatures and curiosities spread throughout that it doesn’t draw too much attention to any one of them that would add too much weight to them. So I think you’re fine if they don’t play a larger role.

        Liked by 1 person

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