Part 4 – Vampire Exhibit

Late that night, Ambrose paced the entire enclosure, searching. Always searching for a way out.

There’s a way out. There has to be. They got me in here somehow. I’ll find it. I’ll escape. I’ll pulverize Mark Caten.

His stomach growled.

If only they’d give me something to eat!

He stopped and listened. There was a sound.

He carefully scanned his environment of broken amusement park rides and grass and wildflowers and weeds and—

A young girl stood next to the intact ticket stand. She looked at him with wide, frightened eyes.

That was all the invitation he needed. He ran towards her, fast and hard and thoughtless.

She didn’t move. She just stood there, watching him come.

He reached for her, to knock her down, to bite her neck.

And rammed hands-first into an invisible wall.

He snarled. Even though his hands hurt, Ambrose tried to claw his way through the wall.

A woman appeared next to the girl.

“Did you see that, Mommy? Did you see that?”

“Yes, darling. You were so brave. Mommy’s so proud of you.”

The girl looked back at Ambrose. “Is he going to get out?”

She curled her arm protectively around her daughter.”No, dear. That wall is made out of indestructible material. Nothing can break through it.”

“What if he does?”

The woman kissed her daughter on the head. “He won’t.”

They turned and walked away.

“No.” Ambrose stopped scratching. “Come back.” He banged on the wall with his fists. “Hey! Come back!”

They disappeared into the darkness.

Ambrose sank to the ground. “I’m so hungry. Why won’t they let me eat?”



2 thoughts on “Part 4 – Vampire Exhibit”

  1. Ambrose being stuck in this amusement park reminded me of the video where the AI robot says that when robots take over the world, they’ll create a people zoo.
    I like the child watching Ambrose. It’s interesting in the context of a story. We’re watching Ambrose as he’s being watched by people on the other side of the wall.

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    1. As I was writing this part, it occurred to me how odd it must have looked to the paying customers to see a man in an exhibit. I like to think that most of them weren’t sure if he was a real vampire or just a very convincing actor. There was probably a whole hot debate about it on Facebook and the internet in general. 😆

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