First (Second) Blog Post

005Well! Here I am. Same place, different blog.

My firstΒ blog is . I decided to make this one, because I had a series of stories that I wanted to stick together into one big blog to create a sort of narrative.

These stories are about Ambrose (a vampire) and Elsie (a vampire slayer). In their universe, sunlight can’t kill vampires, but it makes them very lethargic and miserable. However, they can get killed by a well aimed stake to the heart.

Hope you enjoy!


11 thoughts on “First (Second) Blog Post”

    1. Blogging was one of those things I kept thinking about doing.

      I think I heard about WordPress through Writer’s Digest. I was like, “huh. That sounds like an interesting way to go.” So, I totally stalked the WordPress website for a good couple months. I’d go to the WordPress main page and poke around and just sort of stare at it, trying to decide if I really wanted to take that plunge.

      Then, one day, I was like “well, let’s see what all’s involved with the login process. I can just back out at any time.” I went through all of the steps and hit finish before I was really ready. I was like, “Ahhh! I wasn’t even ready!” πŸ˜†

      But I am glad that I took that initial plunge. It gave me the courage to get this second blog started. Plus, I have really enjoyed interacting with the other bloggers out there. It’s awesome!

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